Kruzlifix's personal Stuff 

    Here are a few jpg pictures of me, my Family and real Life

Kids '95,'97, '99 My Harley Libby Marriage at a strange place I, II, III Me in surgery
Christmas 1982 Harley new Xmas 97 Small hill in our backyard 4 happy knees
Me above Switzerland I love to make to bake the way they look and the way they taste!
Back from Kurdistan Arosa 1999, I My Office Home in Binningen c/o Basel Large Map of Basel
Rainbow in backyard Engadin Bike Christo1998 This only for experienced chatfreaks Fun at close encounter
Safari Baltikum 1999 me @ 1/2speed "Staehelin" Family day 1999 2005 Jody @ full speed
"Hofer" day, 17.10.99 CV Family-Book PCL Study Group 1999 Trip to the Baltics1999
Birshof-Klinik Merian Iselin Spital Why I am in  "PrivatePractice" Cape Cod Fall 2000
        Jonas Windsurf Vietnam
Schorsch and me Kiting in CV Cabarete 2004 Brasil Fall 2005 Vietnam 06

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