Kruzlifix's Download Page

  Internet too slow or too clumsy? You can download from this page parts or the whole website as a single zipped and self-extracting file.

(After downloading , double-click the file with the Kruzlifix icon in your explorer. The files will be unzipped and extracted to a new directory Kruzlifix on your hard disk. To view the site just open the Kruzlifix\ index.html file in your browser)

Semitendinosus Tendon (600KB), Patellar Tendon (780 KB) or SemiT and Patellar Tendon (1,2 MB).
If you are lucky owner of a Pilot:
Grafics of PCL Reconstruction
(108 KB) exe file for Palm Pilot
 Grafics of ACL Reconstruction
(38 KB) exe file for Palm Pilot
Requires Palm Pilot  Image Viewer

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