Kruzlifix's ACL Pictures 

    Here are a few intraoperative (10 KB) jpg pictures of my all-inside ACL technique using biodegradable interference screws.

Normal ACL Old partially torn ACL ACL Debridement Femoral Socket Pilothole
Femoral Socket Tibial Socket Pilothole Tibial Socket  Tibial Graft Insertion
Tibial Screw Femoral Screw Reconstructed ACL  ACL all-inside 11 wks po
ACL all-inside 4 mos po ACL all-inside 6 mos po ACL all-inside 9 mos po PDLLA Screw 9 mos po
PLLA Screw 2,5 yrs po MRI Screw 4 wks po MRI Screw 2 yrs po 

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